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Due to the high volume of custom orders we will not be taking additional order for the next 60 days. We are still available for updates and inquiries. We thank you for your patience and support and look forward to bring you more great designs and styles at an affordable American made price in the fall.

 "The Standard" Men's $58 Selvedge Denim Jean

When Levi's first introduced their jeans in 1873 one pair cost just $1.25. This means that in 2015 (if we did our math right) a pair of jeans should run you approximately $25.15. Although we can't quite get to that price point we can get you pretty darn close! Introducing "The Standard". Our high quality American made Selvedge Denim Jean for only $58 with the same great quality and attention to detail which you have grown accustomed to.

How It Works    

We will run our ready to wear selvedge denim collection for men and women in a 5 day campaign. Those who sign up for our VIP mailing list will get an invite to buy our new release at $58 for 24 hours before the general public. After 24 hours, we will continue to run the collection to everyone at $58. After the 5th day the price will return to our $79 price until the item sells out.
Our denim and chambray collection consists of first quality fabrics imported from some of the best textile mills across the globe including but not limited to, Cone Mills of North Carolina, Pacific Blue Mills, Kaihara Mills, Niphon Menpu, American Selvedge Co., Kuroki Mills of Japan and Candiani Mills of Italy. Many of our fabrics are deadstock which means they are one-of-a-kind and once gone they will never be seen again.  
  Quality starts with the fabric but ends with LD&CO.

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